The Galloway Raiders presents:
Crockett, Castle Douglas and Cairn Edward –
The Fact meets Fiction tour.

2014 is the 100th anniversary of S.R. Crockett’s death and since he lived in Castle Douglas during his childhood (1867-1876) and wrote about it (fictionally as Cairn Edward) extensively in his adulthood, we thought it would be fitting to pay some tribute to Crockett’s Castle Douglas Connection.

Castle Douglas Civic week runs from July 19th to July 26th 2014 and this seemed like a perfect time to highlight the ‘connection.’

Initial thoughts were to have a live Galloway Raiders event as something of a ‘tour’ of Crockett’s places in CD, but this didn’t pan out and so we turned to a virtual alternative. This of course has the added bonus of meaning that anyone who cannot be in CD during Civic Week can still take part in the ‘tour.’

So. Starting from the 16th of july , we’ll be taking a leisurely online ‘stroll’ through Crockett’s Castle Douglas and Cairn Edward. Get your virtual boots on and prepare for a trip through history, adventure and romance in the company of S.R.Crockett. (Please note, to get the best from this tour it’s advisable to join The Galloway Raiders which will give you access to all areas of the website and discounts on Crockett’s work. And best of all, it’s free to join.) Just click HERE if you aren’t already a member. We’ll send you your password and you’ll be able to access all areas

You can see the Tour on this link http://www.gallowayraiders.co.uk/the-tour.html


As a special offer from now right through till Douglas Day we are offering special ‘ebook bundles’
The Railway Bundle includes : The Smugglers, Cleg Kelly, Sandy’s Love and The Bloom o’ the Heather all for the price of one ebook £3.99

The CD novels Bundle includes: A Galloway Herd, Kit Kennedy, Cinderella and Rose of the Wilderness all for the price of one ebook £3.99

The CD shorts Bundle includes: , The Stickit Minister, Bog Myrtle and Peat, The Stickit Minister’s Wooing and Love Idylls all for the price of one ebook £3

DOUGLAS DAY SPECIAL The Douglas Bundle: The Black Douglas and Maid Margaret for £1. (This offer is only available on Saturday 26th July and is open to members and non members simply by using the coupon code DDSPECIAL

For well under £12 you can get 14 ebooks – that’s less than £1 a book. This offer is only available during the ‘tour’ dates so hurry down to the Ayton Publishing Virtual Bookstore and start downloading right away.

Note this special offer is for ebook editions only, and remember that Galloway Raiders members are also entitled to a free ebook copy of ‘Raiderland.’

To claim your free ebook and purchase bundles at this much reduced price, just go to the Ayton Publishing Ltd virtual bookstore and at the point of purchase put in your COUPON CODE (which you get from the special offers section of the members area). Then start downloading your bargains.

I strongly recommend that you join The Galloway Raiders before you start the tour. Once we receive your request we’ll send you a password which will give you access to all areas of the website and online tour, and special discounts on downloading ebooks. It’s as vital as a tent at a festival! And it’s free. Join HERE


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