A Big Thank You! For the Festive Support, From The River Of Life Church

The twelfth annual Christmas Day Dinner at the River of Life Church in Dumfries was another big success, with 45-50 guests and around 25 volunteers.

Mark Smith, Senior Pastor of the River of Life Church says, “Dumfries people have been so generous yet again, supporting our Christmas Day Dinner in amazing ways. Individuals and business owners delivered presents, food, money and goodwill right up to the day itself. Through the outpouring of care and love of local people and our amazing volunteers, we were able to make Christmas special for more people than ever before.

“There was plenty of food for everyone and most people were also able to take some extra away with them. Some of our volunteers helped ferry people home, so they were treated to a free Christmas Day taxi service too! Thank you so much, Dumfries, on behalf of all those who benefited from your kindness!”


Photos attached of two volunteers and some of the mountain of gifts donated by local people.

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