A75 Re-opened After Crocketford Horror Crash

The A75 has re-opened after crash involving two HGV lorries and several cars (Some parked) caused a major clean-up operation.

At around 11.30pm on Monday November the 21st a lorry carrying 4500 live chickens from Ireland, tipped onto it side in the village of Crocketford near Castle Douglas.

The 41 year old driver was injured and taken to Hospital for treatment were they are now recovering.

A silver car crushed between the lorry and a wall. Image Credit -MB

Several parked cars were badly damaged in the incident with one being severely crushed, luckily no-one was injured.

A major clean up operation has been carried out, one local vet involved in the operation said that the lorry had around 4500 chickens onboard, around half of which were dead. Locals said the noise of the distressed chickens, many of which were scattered onto the road was very upsetting.

A local man who lives a few yards from the crash site told DGWGO ” This incident has to be justification for the village to be bypassed, if 2 cars that were hit and pedestrian crossing hadn’t been there then it would have went straight into the house, and who knows what may of happened then!”

Police placed diversions for traffic in the early hours this morning,Traffic Scotland have stated the A75 is now re-opened and all lanes are now running.