19 year old Student Danny Pool and his team of friends including 18 Year old Lewis Irving and 19 year old Adam Little, launched a Facebook Campaign on Sunday the 7th of February 2016 to try and gain as many people to join to bring attention to the fact they believe that the A75 is in need of a full upgrade to a duel carriageway.

Danny Told DGWGO “In the space of 2 weeks we have had over 1500 people like our page, pushing closer now to 2000. We are campaigning to the Scottish Government and all other authorities who have anything to do with the A75 between Gretna and Stranraer, to get the A75 upgraded to a dual carriageway for the entire length. The deadly trunk road requires serious attention. Heavy traffic on a regular basis makes journey times slow and frustrating and overtaking dangerous and deadly. Our vision is clear – we want a dual carriageway A75 to:

– Reduce the amount of accidents and deaths on the road
– Improve journey times
– Allow safe overtaking where needed
– Improve our business ties with Ireland and Europe, bring business to Scotland
– Improving our Tourism, people are more likely to travel to see places on a safe road, improving the local economies.

We feel with recent accidents and deaths we can no longer tolerate the state of the road. It is now time the road is upgraded. In recent years the A8 between Larne and Belfast has been upgraded because of the demand of traffic and HGV’s the road would carry. The road is now a complete dual carriageway which has improved journey times, safety and efficiency. Funding was available from the European Commission to complete this upgrade.”

Part of the inspiration for the 3 young drivers to launch the campaign was that 22 year old Stuart McIntyre, Cousin of Lewis from the team, was killed 4 years ago in a tragic car crash on that Kinmount Straight, near Annan.

The Boys said “As the A75 becomes busier and more dangerous, and as a main European Route where traffic will only increase as time goes on, we feel the time has come to do something major with the road – Upgrade it to a dual carriageway.”

You can support the cause by liking theA75 Road Upgrade Facebook Page by clicking here

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