Scottish Government Call for Evidence on Additional Support for Learning


Local parent campaigners today welcomed a move by the Scottish Government Education and Skills committee to finally listen to the experience of parents of children who require Additional Support for Learning.


Parents have been raising concerns about Additional Support for Learning services in local schools for over two years now and are keen to share their experiences on issues ranging from the presumption of mainstream policy to cuts in classroom assistants. In recent months they have joined with other parent campaigns across Scotland to raise the issue at national level. Following successful awareness raising campaigns by Enable Scotland and the Scottish Children’s Services Coalition and Parliamentary debates timetabled by SNP MSP Ross Greer, it seems that the time may finally have come for parents to be heard.


Campaigner Demi Powell told DGWGO  “It is vital that we spread this information  and encourage local families to respond so Government get a clear understanding of the issues and needs in Dumfries and Galloway.”


The deadline for submissions is 21st February. Full details can be found on the local campaign page www.facebook.com/DGEducationCuts

Main Image – Allan and Sam Ironmonger

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