Addressing Safety Issues at Stranraer Harbour

The first of a number of phases of work will start from Monday 10th and throughout September at Stranraer Harbour. This work is not only needed but is compulsory and is the result of an inspection by the Health and Safety Executive which identified breaches of regulations.

A community warden is already on site to advise public entering the area of the risks faced because of the working nature of the harbour.

Initial work will include signage and the marking of safe routes for vehicles and pedestrians as well as the identification of hazardous areas to be avoided. A temporary vehicle gate will also be installed to ensure only authorised traffic is permitted to enter the working harbour area.

After completion of this phase the working harbour area will only be accessible by authorised users who have signed up to the Council’s Terms and Conditions for harbour use. Authorised users will be provided with the security code for the lock on the temporary gate.

A wider scheme of measures addressing issues on the harbour, promenade and surrounding area will be designed and implemented in the coming months resulting in a system which will be manageable, enforceable and compliant and will enable the Council to fulfil its duty as harbour operator.

Authorised Harbour Users are being contacted to make arrangements for their ongoing access and agreement to the Council’s related terms and conditions.

Archie Dryburgh, Chair of Dumfries and Galloway’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee said: “The cooperation of harbour users and the wider public over this time will be greatly appreciated and whilst there may be some inconvenience during the implementation of the above measures the Council will try to keep this to a minimum.”
Katie Hagman, Chair of this Council’s Harbour committee went on to say: “The harbour is an important hub of activity both for and within the local community. For this reason, it is essential that we, not only to comply with the health and Safety Executives findings, but also that we carry out essential work to ensure the safety of all our harbour users. This includes members of the public as well as those working within the harbour and voluntary groups.”

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