Almost 90% Of Adults Across The Region Have Had First Vaccination 

ALMOST 90 per cent of all adults in Dumfries and Galloway have now received a first dose COVID-19 vaccination, and nearly 70 per cent have had both. 


Work continues to provide first doses to the final adult age group of 18 to 29 year olds, but with a reminder amid an increasing number of cases that it takes time for the highest degree of immunity to develop.


Graeme Bryson is NHS Dumfries and Galloway Director of Pharmacy, and he said: “Almost 90 per cent of our adult population has now received at least their first COVID vaccination, as we continue to provide jags to the youngest adult cohort, to people who have rescheduled appointments, and to those who are now choosing to take up the opportunity. 
“We know how much more easily the new Delta Variant spreads from person to person, and that both vaccinations are important in providing the highest degree of protection. So please, do take up the opportunity to get both vaccinations to protect yourself and others.” 


As at close of June 21 a total of 108,685 first dose vaccinations have been delivered, representing 88.6 per cent of adults aged 18 plus. Across Scotland, the average is 81.2 per cent.


Among those aged 40 plus, 96.6 per cent have so far had their first vaccination.


In terms of second vaccinations, a total 85,117 have been delivered, representing 69.4 per cent of people aged 18 plus. Across Scotland, the average is 58.2 per cent.


And so far among those aged 40 plus in Dumfries and Galloway, 85.3 per cent have received both vaccinations.


In line with national directions, Pfizer vaccine stocks are being employed for those in the younger age categories.


Anyone aged over 30 who has still to receive their first vaccination is very much encouraged to phone the local helpline on 01387 403090 from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, email [email protected]


Meanwhile, a reminder is issued that transport support is available for people requiring help to attend a vaccination appointment – with more information available by calling the local helpline.


Mr Bryson said: “We’re really encouraged by the uptake in vaccinations, and are progressing as quickly as possible.  
“However, we know that the highest degree of protection against the coronavirus is achieved by having the biggest number of people fully vaccinated. 
“It also takes a few weeks for immunity to develop. 
“So please, if you’re over 30, still to be vaccinated, and thinking about getting a vaccination arranged, do it now in order to help protect yourself, loved ones and the wider community, including businesses and schools. 
“We can see an increase in cases locally, and what will help ward that off is getting everyone fully vaccinated as quickly as possible.” 

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