Alyn Smith MEP Supports ‘Dual The A75’ Campaign

Dual The A75 Campaign team have been in contact with  MEP Alyn Smith to make a stance on the A75 and has replied in support of what the campaigners are trying to achieve.

Alan Smith MEP

Alyn said: “The A75 is part of the E18 Euro Route, stretching from Craigavon in Northern Ireland to Saint Petersburg, and such a major roadway merits being upgraded to a dual carriageway.”

“We should be encouraging new businesses to set up shop in Dumfries and Galloway, and so improving the transport connectivity of the area can only be a positive. Reflecting this, Scottish Government investment in infrastructure in the area has been significant. As an MEP for the entirety of Scotland, I travel the A75 on a regular basis for constituency business, and so I am happy to support this campaign which is worthy of serious consideration.”

Alyn Smith is the first member of the European Parliament to back the A75 campaign. Leading campaigner Danny Pool added “We thoroughly welcome Alyn Smiths comments and support. As a euro route the A75 carries freight and traffic from all areas of the continent and having the support of Alyn is greatly appreciated and influential. I am hopeful Scotland’s other 5 MEP’s will be in touch with our campaign soon.”

Dual The A75 want to see the entire A75 route between Gretna and Stranraer upgraded to a dual carriageway. They have recently had their petition heard in the Scottish Parliament for a 3rd time which received over 1000 signatures. The petitions committee plan to make a visit to the A75 and conduct an interview with the Transport Minister Humza Yousaf.

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