Annan ARC is 5-star

Annan ARC has received a 5-star report from the Care Inspectorate.

It scored 5 (very good) for quality of care and support and quality of management and leadership.

Following the unannounced inspection of the Adult Resource Centre, the Care Inspectorate concluded:
• The service continues to support the meaningful involvement of the people it supports and their families and to use their views and comments to develop the service
• During the inspection, we had the opportunity to speak with people at the service. They commented positively about the care and support provided by the management and staff team at Annan ARC.
• The care and support needs of the people who use Annan ARC are managed and met by a caring and skilled staff team.
• The management team demonstrated a commitment to the continued review, development and improvement of the overall service.
• The entire staff group demonstrated a commitment to ensure that the ethos of Annan ARC is welcoming and friendly.

The Care Inspectorate highlighted:
• Well trained, skilled and knowledgeable staff who were able to respond to health issues that affected people using the service.
• The staff practice observed was of a high quality and the approach of staff was patient and respectful.
• The performance of the service was very good.
• The service delivered quality care that resulted in positive outcomes for people using the service.

Alison Voss, Annan ARC manager, said, “This grade wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and skills of all staff working at Annan ARC. This is the result of team effort. Staff have overcome challenges and pulled together to ensure that the service we provide continues to be of a high standard and meets the need to deliver individual outcomes.”

Councillor Ted Thompson, vice-chairman of the Social Work Services Committee, said, “Protecting our most vulnerable people and being inclusive are priorities for our Council. This report from the Care Inspectorate shows that Annan ARC is delivering on both. I thank and congratulate all staff who have been responsible for this significant achievement.”