SFRS issues appeal for help during Dementia Awareness Week

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is appealing to anyone who knows someone living with dementia to get in touch as part of Alzheimer Scotland’s Dementia Awareness Week.

The event, which runs from Monday, May 29 until Sunday, June 4, is being held to empower people to feel more confident dealing with dementia.

A total of 90,000 people in Scotland live with some form of dementia, a condition which can cause memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language.

The majority of those living with dementia are elderly people – although over 3,000 people are under the age of 65.

It is important that those with dementia are offered maximum protection from fire.

The SFRS is able to provide safety advice, fit smoke alarms, and also direct individuals and families to other agencies who can assist with dementia-related issues.

Assistant Chief Officer, David McGown, said: “Over three-quarters of people in Scotland know somebody who is living with dementia and we often rely on these people to get in contact for our help in the first instance.

“The figures revealed by Alzheimer Scotland once again serve to sharpen our focus on taking steps to try to ensure older people are offered the proper protection from fire. The majority of people who are killed by fire in Scotland are over 50.


“A key aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of dementia, and empower people to feel more confident and comfortable when they meet someone with dementia.


“A total of 76% of people in Scotland know somebody who is living with dementia and we are issuing a call to those people to help us and join Scotland’s fight against fire.”


He added: “We want to make sure that anyone who is living with dementia receives a free Home Fire Safety Visit from SFRS.  But we need the community’s help.  If you know someone who is living with dementia, I urge you to contact us.


“SFRS are involved with initiatives across Scotland offering assistance to those living with dementia, as well as the wider group of older people.”


Booking a Home Fire Safety Visit is easy and can be organised at a time that suits you or the person you are booking for – day or night.


Request a free home fire safety visit for you, or someone you know, call 0800 0731 999, text ‘FIRE’ to 80800.


For more information about Dementia Awareness Week, visit www.alzscot.org/DAW2017.

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