Pressure applied by local MP Richard Arkless has resulted in the erection of new hording’s on the corner of Belmont Road and Lewis Street in Stranraer.


Mr Arkless wrote to the council and the owner of the site in September and in October to demand that they take action to secure the area and make it safe.  The site which is privately owned, had fallen into disrepair and become not only an eyesore but also a danger to the community.


In his letters, Mr Arkless said that ‘the condition of the site clearly adversely affects the area in which it lies’ and that a particular concern of his and a number of local people was ‘the proximity of the land to a route which schoolchildren from Belmont and St Joseph’s use on a regular basis.’


The council recently wrote to Mr Arkless to confirm that following his letters and an assertive stance taken by the Council, the owner of the site had appointed a contractor to re-erect the hoarding’s.


Commenting, Mr Arkless said,


‘I am delighted by the quick and assertive action taken by the council following my letters.  The contractor has now secured the site which eliminates the danger – it will always be an eyesore until it is redeveloped- and I will be pushing the owner to reveal his plans and a timescale. Securing the site and making it safe has improved the entire local area and I am delighted that such a positive outcome has been achieved.’


‘As I live in Stranraer and pass the site regularly,I was able to identify it as being unsafe and needing work, however, I am very mindful that throughout the region there must be many similar sites requiring work.  I would urge constituents to contact me if they have concerns about neglected buildings or wasteland in their town or village – if there is something they consider to be unsafe then we may be able to help.’


Mr Arkless can be contacted on 01387 265 698 or by email at [email protected]

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