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Big Burns supper needs Volunteers to be stewards along the route of the 2015 Big Burns supper Carnival , Not only is it brilliant that any one who 1 a 1 a bbs 1volunteers will be helping out the festival , but you also get the best views of this fantastic event on Sunday 25th January at 5pm on Dumfries High Street. More than 2,000+ local children will take to the streets along with thousands of lanterns, huge interactive puppets, bands and performers. Guaranteed to be an incredible performance!!



If you are interested in helping you think you know someone that may want to get involved  the address to contact is [email protected] , Its a great tyeam that run Big burms supper , and a great experince for everyone that supports the community by getting involved !

NHS Nurses in last years carnival
NHS Nurses in last years carnival





Barnardo’s Scotland are the official charity of these fantastic celebrations. If you would like to support the charity, please text BURNS to 70500 to donate £3. Your donation would be greatly 1 a 1 a Dugals Friday Focusappreciated.

There will also be collections held during the carnival and at the box office of each event venue!

For more info, please visit their website: www.bigburnsupper.com

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