MP Asks Spen To Reconsider Braehead Pylons-Kirkinner

Dumfries and Galloway MP Richard Arkless has expressed his concern that Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) have failed to communicate effectively with residents in Braehead -Kirkinner over the placement of new upgraded overhead power lines.


On 6th December, residents in Braehead discovered that new pylons had been erected near their homes, obstructing their view and spoiling their outlook.  The residents were unaware that the pylons were going to be located so near to their homes and have since petitioned SPEN to consider alternative options.


SPEN are permitted to erect new power lines if no objections are raised after a short consultation period giving notice to the local community.  However in this instance residents say that the consultation was ineffective as it failed to reach those people most affected by the new line.  SPEN referred to the location of the line as Bladnoch – Baldoon instead of Braehead-Kirkinner which residents say was ‘misleading’.


Commenting on the situation, Mr Arkless said:


‘A consultation must be more that a tick box exercise – it must effectively communicate with the correct people and in this case SPEN failed to do that.  The residents in Braehead were completely unaware that these pylons were due to be placed where they were and whist they are pleased to have their power lines ungraded, they are distressed that they have not been consulted about their new location.


‘The residents have suggested an alternative route that would involve the power lines being moved back from the houses – this would make a huge difference to the those affected.  I support the residents in their proposal and have written to SPEN and met with them, to request that in this case the consultation period was not effective and the power lines location must be reconsidered.”


The power lines are due to go live on 9th February.


Mr Arkless added:


“In the last eighteen months I have worked closely with SPEN and I know that they take great pride in their consultative and community led approach to new plans and developments. However in this case, SPEN have failed to communicate effectively with the residents most affected by the new power line and for that reason, they have an obligation to look as this case again.”

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