Police Search For Burns’ Mausoleum Graffiti Vandals – Dumfries

Police Scotland officers in Dumfries are investigating vandalism to gravestones and the Burns Mausoleum in St Michaels Church yard in Dumfries. A number of gravestones, the church doors and the mausoleum have been daubed with graffiti.

Constable Christopher Trosh at Dumfries said “This appears to be a case of wanton vandalism on what after all is a sacred place. We have information that a person was in the church yard at around 0143 hours this morning (Monday 18 September 2018), spending some time there. We are examining the ‘tag’ of the graffiti and would ask that anyone who can help us identify the person responsible get in touch with us at Dumfries on the 101 number, or if they want to remain anonymous then through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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