Call to 12 to 17 year olds as COVID cases again near 3000 in a week 

AS Dumfries and Galloway has again recorded nearly 3000 new cases of COVID-19 last week, a call is being made for young people aged 12 to 17 to take action to receive their second dose. 


COVID-19 is spreading widely across Dumfries and Galloway, with figures for the week ending January 12 showing 2906 new cases, up from 2825 the week before.


Director of Public Health Valerie White said: “As we again log a record number of new COVID cases within a single week, we’re urging everyone aged 12 to 17 to attend a drop-in vaccination clinic and receive their second dose.
“Vaccination uptake has been fantastic, with so far 86 per cent of eligible adults over 18 in the region having received their booster. However, we need people aged 12 to 17 and their families to know that they must attend one of the drop-in clinics in order to receive their second dose.
“Being fully vaccinated provides the highest degree of protection against a virus that is now in all of our communities.”


Addressing the general push to encourage high vaccination uptake at all eligible ages, Ms White added: “Vaccination is also key to getting through this and a return to more normal living. New Scottish Government rules mean that anyone who is fully vaccinated will no longer have to self-isolate if they are identified as household contact of a positive case.
“For adults aged above 18 years and four months, fully vaccinated at this point means having received three vaccination jags – with the third at least 14 days before your encounter with the positive case.
“Please, to provide the greatest protection for your health, and to help support businesses and essential services to function during this challenging period, do ensure you are as fully vaccinated as possible.”


Vaccinations are continuing to take place by booking through the national portal – visit https://vacs.nhs.scot/csp or call the free number 0800 030 8013 – and via drop-in vaccination clinics which are running across the region.


To view the full list of clinics, visit www.nhsdg.co.uk/vaccines


Advice continues to be promoted around hand washing, wearing face coverings in indoor public settings, considering interactions with other people, and regular testing for COVID.


Importantly, people are asked to ensure that they log a positive Lateral Flow Device result. New directions means that a confirmatory PCR test is not necessary following an LFD positive where the person has no symptoms, but it is important this result is logged so as to provide a good understanding of the evolving situation.


Upcoming vaccination drop-in sessions are as follows:


Annan Charles Street, Wednesday 12/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Wednesday 12/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Sanquhar Community Centre, Wednesday 12/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-19:00

Newton Stewart Hospital, Wednesday 12/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-15:30

Castle Douglas Town Hall, Wednesday 12/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-20:00

Annan Charles Street, Thursday 13/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Moffat Hospital. Thursday 13/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-15:30

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Thursday 13/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-20:00

Thornhill Rehab Suite, Thursday 13/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-16:30

Newton Stewart Hospital, Thursday 13/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-15:30

Kirkcudbright Hospital, Thursday 13/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Friday 14/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Annan Charles Street, Friday 14/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-20:00

Canonbie Village Hall, Friday 14/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-15:30

Waverley Medical Centre, Friday 14/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-20:00

Castle Douglas Town Hall, Friday 14/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Annan Charles Street, Saturday 15/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Saturday 15/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Kirkcudbright Hospital, Saturday 15/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Castle Douglas Town Hall, Saturday 15/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Waverley Medical Centre. Saturday 15/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Sanquhar Community Centre, Sunday 16/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-15:00

Newton Stewart Hospital, Sunday 16/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-15:30 16:15-18:30

Annan Charles Street, Sunday 16/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Sunday 16/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Castle Douglas Town Hall, Sunday 16/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Annan Charles Street, Monday 17/01/2022, 17:00-20:00

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Tuesday 18/01/2022, 9:15-12:30 13:30-16:00

Waverley Medical Centre, Tuesday 18/01/2022, 16:30-20:00

Lockerbie Town Hall, Tuesday 18/01/2022, 12:30-19:30

Sanquhar Community Centre, Wednesday 19/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-15:30

Mountainhall Vaccine Centre, Thursday 20/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-20:00

Castle Douglas Town Hall, Friday 21/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-20:00

Annan Charles Street, Friday 21/01/2022, 09:15-12:30 13:30-20:00


Drop-ins may require queuing, and with vaccinations as vaccine supplies allow. People are advised to dress warmly.


Book your booster now using the national portal https://vacs.nhs.scot/csp, or by calling the free number 0800 030 8013.


The local helpline can handle a limited number of enquiries for anyone experiencing problems with the national system – calling 01387 403090 or emailing [email protected]


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