Could You Be One Of Cash For Kids 500 Faces?


 Cash for Kids launched their brand new charity campaign 500 Faces on 27th February 2017.

Cash for Kids, the charity that supports underprivileged children in local communities across the UK, are looking for local people to pledge to raise a minimum of £100 over the next 11 months and become one of the very special 500 Faces who together will raise a massive £50,000 for vulnerable and disadvantaged children living in Dumfries and Galloway.

Every one of the 500 faces can choose how they want to raise £100. It could be saving £10 a month, participating in a run, a swear jar at work through to a holding a cake morning. The options are endless!


There is a limit to the number of places available so don’t miss out.

To get involved click HERE and register now.

Participants will receive their very own number and fundraising profile on the official campaign website where they can update their progress and what they have been up to.

 Emma Cowan Charity Manager told DGWGO –  “This campaign could make a huge difference to thousands of children in Dumfries and Galloway. By giving them experiences they may not be able to access or afford.”


In 2016 Cash for Kids raised over £21 Million and supported over 560,000 sick and underprivileged children in local communities across the UK. Every penny raised stays in the community within which it was raised.

 Cash for Kids Charity 1122062 (England and Northern Ireland) SCO 41421 (Scotland)

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