Castle Douglas Development Forum Looks For Community Support for STP Bid

Castle Douglas Development Forum is building up backing across the town to support their efforts in an application to Scotland’s Towns Partnership to fund the initial stages of a town wide audit of our community resources and activities, commercial, and service resources and consultation into what the residents, tourists and our neighbours would like to see developed.

A Spokesperson for  the CDDF Told DGWGO “We’d all like a community swimming pool, cinema complex, or all weather sports pitches but the reality is we are small community and need to co-operate and share resources, assets, initiatives and future developments.
For a successful bid STP needs the town to demonstrate co-operation, cohesion and collaboration across the widest range of commercial, service, community and other activities that support the town and our neighbours.
The sad news of the closure of the one the towns oldest independent businesses supports the need for a collective approach to the towns future and need to establish a representative voice to develop a sustainable and resilient town in response to known, local authority cutbacks, and unknown, commercial business retrenchment, developments as they arise.
The Futures Team is progressing grant applications but need to demonstrate support from the town and would ask that individuals, organisations and representative groups formally sign up as supporters of the initiatives these volunteers are delivering and developing on behalf of the town.”
“Please contact us by email HERE  or through the CDDF web site HERE or visit the new Heart of Galloway community information centre in the town and sign up in support of our efforts and register your support.”


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