Top Catering Award For Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary

Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary (DGRI) has been recognised for its high standards of hygiene, cleanliness and food safety with an Eat Safe Award.

DGRI achieved this accolade as a result of their commitment to Food Hygiene and Food Safety Management standards beyond those required by law.
Eat Safe is designed to promote excellence in food hygiene in catering businesses across Scotland, and is administered by the Local Authority Environmental Health Services in conjunction with Food Standards Scotland.
The award scheme helps to provide an added level of confidence to the patients and staff of DGRI by providing a recognisable ‘sign’ of excellence.
Eligible establishments are assessed for the award as part of scheduled Food Hygiene Inspections, carried out by Officers of the Council`s Environmental Health Service.
Ian Bryden, Head of Estates and Property commented:

“I am delighted for both patients and staff in Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary that the Catering Department has received this award. The hard work of the staff in maintaining an improvement of all standards has been recognised and they are to be commended for their contribution. Congratulations to all staff concerned.”
Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee Chair, Cllr Colin Smyth

said: “Obviously when we are in hospital we want to assume that the food we eat is safe. This Eat Safe Award not only confirms this, but recognises all the hard work of the dedicated staff at DGRI. The Eat Safe Award is only presented to places where they have not only met the required food hygiene standards, but exceeded them. Congratulations to all involved.”
For more information and a full list of all the food businesses that hold the Eat Safe award, visit www.eatsafe.gov.uk.

The staff in the photograph, left to right, are Richard Buckley (Catering Manager), and Kitchen Staff, Kate Clifford, Obed Omwoma, Joanna Murdoch, Isobel Maxwell, Abbie Podlesny, Maria Taylor, Heather Mills, Graham McMorran, Pam Brown.

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