Chief Inspector Praises Monumental Effort As Region See’s Worst Flooding For Years

All organisations have been co-ordinating their efforts to ensure that local people remain safe including Dumfries and Galloway Local Resilience Partnership which has been responding to the adverse weather across the region for the last 24 hours.
An AMBER warning was issued by the Met Office for Wednesday evening. In addition, SEPA issued flood warnings for a number of rivers in the region. As a result, LRP partners came together to collectively agree actions to assist local communities to respond to flooding across the region.
Chief Inspector Stuart Davidson, Police Scotland, said “This has been a monumental effort from everyone involved, as we’ve seen some of the worst flooding in our region for a number of years.
“The picture continued to change rapidly throughout the day, but all partners were able to make decisions and mobilise their efforts to make sure that we provided support where it was needed and kept individuals safe.
“Information from the council is that over 1400 sandbags have been issued across the region today. Teams will be in overnight to fill more for tomorrow, should they be required.
“I’d like to thank the public for their continued co-operation in following the warnings and travelling with care on our roads.
“In addition, members of the public shared images and intelligence on over 80 different local incidents in the region today. This information could then be shared via DG Vost to keep everyone informed of local incidents.
“Although the rain has stopped, great care has to be taken by everyone travelling in the region this evening. There is standing water on the majority of our roads and some will remain closed overnight. Drivers may not be aware of hazards when travelling in the dark until it is too late. Our message to everyone who is driving this evening – take care, plan your journey and drive with caution.”

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