Coastguard Issues Warning To Dog Walkers After Dramatic Rescue At Portpatrick

On Sunday the 13/08/23 at 1140 hrs HM Coastguard – Portpatrick and Portpatrick Lifeboat, Stranraer coastguard , Ballantrae Coastguard Rescue Team and HM Coastguard – Drummore were tasked by Belfast Coastguard to report of persons stuck on cliff below Dunskey Castle, Portpatrick.
The Portpatrick Coastguard team were quickly on scene along with a Lifeboat and they confirmed the position and number of Casualties.
Belfast Coastguard MRCC were updated of the situation and confirmed that a dog had fell over cliff and 2 persons had gone to retrieve  the pet and 1 male was now stuck approx 25 feet on cliff face below Dunskey Castle.
When Stranraer Coastguard Team arrived on scene a plan was made to rescue and recover casualty.
Rope Rescue gear was rigged and 1 Cliff Rescue Technician with Casualty Rescue Strop was lowered down cliff face to secure Casualty.
With the Casualty safely secure in a Rescue Strop, the team on the cliff top rigged for recovery by petrol winch. The casualty was safely recovered to cliff top where he was checked over and reunited with his family and dog.
A Spokesperson for Portpatrick Coastguard stated “This is the fourth Cliff Rescue we have carried out this year regarding dogs falling over the cliff edge.
We would strongly advise that anyone walking on the cliff paths with a dog keeps it in a lead at all times. If for any reason the dog ends up over the cliff, please do not try self rescue CALL 999 and ask for the COASTGUARD.”

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