Community Payback Scheme Workers to Cut Grass in D&G’s Closed Cemeteries

From 1 April this year the grass in ‘closed cemeteries’ (cemeteries where burials no longer take place) will be cut by the Community Payback team. This will be done three times a year across the region.
For some areas this will be a reduction in service, for others this does not constitute a change in service at all.
There will be three cuts a year as follows, although the durations between cuts may vary depending on the weather.
• First Cut:Between April /May
• Second Cut:Between July / August
• Third Cut:Between September / October
By the end of the grass-cutting season, all cemeteries will have had three cuts.
Litter will be removed prior to cutting and any fly-tipping will be reported to the Council’s community Safety Team to deal with.
The work will be monitored and a formal review of the work carried out at the end of each cutting season. Those carrying out the work will be given protective equipment and training to enable them to do it safely and protect themselves and members of the public.

Councillor Tom McAughtrie, Chair of Community and Customer Services Committee said;

“It is right that offenders are held to account for their actions and that they give up their free time to make amends, but it is also right that they are praised when they have done a good job. Therefore, I believe at a time when the Council has to identify alternative ways of delivering services this is a positive move.

It will provide opportunities for restorative justice and constructive work for those who have to fulfil community orders as well as providing an opportunity for offenders to learn new skills and to support their rehabilitation. We recognise that these cemeteries are valued by our communities both by family members of people buried there, and by those researching family histories.”

Below is an area by area list of closed cemeteries .

Annandale & Eskdale

Annan Old Parish, Church Street, Annan
Annan Town Hall, High Street, Annan
Annan Old (Behind Lodge), Brydekirk Road, Annan
Applegarth, Applegarth & Sibbalbie Parish Church
Brydekirk, Brydekirk Church, High Street, Brydekirk
Carruthers, Watterbeck, Eaglesfield
Cummertrees, Cummertrees Church
Dalton, Dalton Ruined Church, Dalton
Dornock, Dornock Parish Church
Dryfesdale, Dryfesdale & Trinity Parish Church, High Street, Lockerbie
Ecclefechan, Ecclefechan (Hoddam) Church, Hoddam Road, Ecclefechan
Ewes. A7 North of Langholm
Gretna Green, Gretna Green Church, Glasgow Road, Gretna
Half Morton, Half Morton Church House,Chapleknowe
Hoddam, Hoddam Cross, Ecclefechan
Hutton Corrie, Hutton & Corrie Parish Church, Boreland
Johnstonebridge,Johnsonebridge(Access via Old Manse)
Kirkconnel Lea, Springkell Estate, Eaglesfield
Kirkpatrick Fleming, Kirkpatrick Fleming Church
Kirkpatrick Juxta, Kirkpatrick Juxta Parish Church, Beattock
Langholm, Langholm Old Cemetery(Access via Alma Place)
Lochmaben, Old Cemetery, High Street (Access via Kings Arms Hotel)
Luce, Luce Mains, Ecclefechan
Middlebie, Behind Lodge, Middlebie
Moffat (Of High St), Moffat Old Cemetery, High Street, Moffat
Moffat(Behind Lodge), Adjacent A701
Pentersaughs, Burnfoot, Ecclefechan(B7076)
Sark Tower, Everholm, Cannonbie
Sibbalbie, Lockerbie
St Kentigern’s, Hoddam Bridge, Lockerbie
St Mungo, Adjacent St Mungo House, Lockerbie
Staplegordon, Adjacent Potholm Farm, Langholm
Tundergarth, Tundergarth Parish Church, Lockerbie
Unthank, Unthank,Ewes, Langholm
Wamphray, Wamphray Parish Church, Moffat
Watcarrick, Bankhead, Castle O’er, Eskdalemuir
Wauchope, Springhill, Langholm
Westerkirk, Bentpath, Westerkirk, Langholm


Dalgarnock, Thornhill
Garrel Churchyard, Courance
Greenhead, Thornhill
Holywood Churchyard
Kirkbride Cemetery, Enterkinfoot
Nithsdale – continued

Kirkmichael Churchyard, Parkgate
Old Kier Churchyard, Keir Mill
Old St Conal’s Churchyard, Kirkconnel,
Portrack, Dunscore, Dumfries
St Mary’s Churchyard, Dumfries
Trailflat Churchyard, Tinwald
Vennel, Kirkconnel

Stewartry Area
Buittle Churchyard, near Dalbeattie
Dunrod Cemetery, Townhead, Kirkcudbright
Galtway Cemetery, Banks Farm, Kirkcudbright
Girthon Churchyard, Sandgreen Road near Gatehouse
Kelton Cemetery, Castle Douglas
Kirkcormack Cemetery, Mayfield Farm, Rhonehouse
Balmaclellan Churchyard (Active church, historic monument in grounds)

Kirkpatrick Durham Churchyard (Active Church)
Stell Churchyard, Kirkcudbright (Adjacent to private housing)
Twynholm Churchyard (Active Church)
Senwick Cemetery near Borgue
Kirkland, near Gelston.

Wigtown Area

Bridge Street, Stranraer
Church Street, Stranraer
Dalrymple Street, Stranraer
Kirkcolm Corsewall, Kirkcolm
Kirkdale Cemetery, Carsluith
Kirkmabreck old, Creetown
Lochinch, Castle Kennedy
St Andrews Churchyard, Portpatrick
St Andrews Churchyard, Stranraer
Thistle Street, Stranraer
Drummore Old Cemetery (Active church, adjacent to active burial grounds)
Drummore Mid Cemetery (Active church, adjacent to active burial grounds)
Glenluce Old Luce Churchyard (Active church)
Kirknadrine, Sandhead (Historic visitor attraction)
Kirkmaiden Cemetery, Monreith
Leswalt Old Cemetery
Old Cemetery, Jubilee Road, Newton Stewart
St Kennera Churchyard, Kirkinner (Active church)
Stoneykirk Old Churchyard (Church now in private ownership)
Old Kirk Graveyard, Sorbie
Kirkcolm Churchyard (Active Church)
Minnigaff Churchyard (Active Church)
Sheuchan Cemetery, Stranraer (Active Church and Church Hall)
New Luce Churchyard (Active Church)


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