Community Renewal Fund Invites Ideas & Innovation

The UK Community Renewal Fund is now open for applications that support innovation and new ideas.

This Fund, operating in 2021/2022, is providing £220 million of investment across the UK to help support local areas to pilot new approaches and programmes that prepare them to take full advantage of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund when it launches in 2022.

Dumfries and Galloway Council will be responsible for inviting project bids and shortlisting proposals for our priority area. These will then be sent to the UK Government for consideration.

Dumfries and Galloway has been designated a priority place for the UK Community Renewal Fund and we can submit funding bids up to a maximum of £3 million, 90% of which is revenue funding.

Each pilot is expected to empower places to explore how best to tackle local challenges– whether through building skills, supporting local businesses, supporting communities and places, or providing employment support – to build communities where people want to live, work and visit, while allowing evaluation of this for UKSPF.

The UK Government expects to support a range of projects by theme and size, but applicants are encouraged to maximise impact and deliverability through larger projects of £500,000+ where this is possible.

Chair of Economy and Resources Committee, Rob Davidson said: “This is an opportunity for our region’s citizens, private sector and third sector organisations to use their local knowledge to create bids which will benefit their communities. Projects must directly link with the UK Community Renewal Fund Prospectus and align with at least one of the designated priorities, including investment in skills, local business, communities and supporting people into employment. As a Local Authority we see this as a ‘Call to Action’ as there is a real opportunity to support our communities to emerge from the COVID pandemic and the necessary restrictions it brought. We know that we have strong, resilient communities, but this fund will help them reach their long term goals and encourage prosperity within our region.”
Vice Chair, Archie Dryburgh said: “Timescales are tight for application to this fund, but the requirement is current, particularly through the impacts of the pandemic and the need for economic and community recovery, so I would encourage our private sector and community organisations to apply as quickly as possible.”

Full details are available at: https://www.dumgal.gov.uk/article/22254/UK-Community-Renewal-Fund

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