D&G Council Responds to Refugee Crisis

D&G Council’s contribution to the Syrian Vulnerable Persons’ Resettlement Scheme

The Council’s Policy and Resources Committee (25 February 2016) will consider a report on the Council’s contribution to the Syrian Vulnerable Persons’ Resettlement Scheme.

The committee will be asked to note the progress made to date and the significant contribution made by partner organisations.

The Council will also be asked to agree to act as the organisation accountable for funding and performance and to note that Home Office funding will cover any direct costs.

It is also proposed that Dumfries and Galloway will be a pilot for the national project on English as a Second Language (ESOL).

Council Leader Ronnie Nicholson, chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, said, “It is a priority for our Council to protect vulnerable people. Helping vulnerable families who are innocent victims of war and persecution is simply the humanitarian thing to do. Our Council, through the Dumfries and Galloway Refugee Crisis Project Board, is working with a range of appropriate professional and volunteer groups to prepare our region to host refugee families. The local response to the refugee crisis from our volunteer partners has been quite outstanding and I am proud of the work done by them and local agencies.”

The full report can be seen at:

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