Council Make Changes to Simplify Wigtownshire Waste Collection

Dumfries and Galloway Council is making it simpler for residents of Wigtownshire to recycle their domestic waste.

From the week of 28 October, residents will present their various recyclable materials sorted in boxes in the following way;

• Mixed glass presented in the 44 litre “overflow” box
• Metals (cans), plastics and cartons in the 55 litre box. Please note that the plastics now includes, in addition to bottles, pots, tubs and trays
• Paper and cardboard – no change – 44 litre box

All households in the Wigtownshire area will be provided with more detailed information on how to present their waste and what day it will be collected on a fortnightly basis. A small number of households will experience a change of collection frequency (from weekly to fortnightly) and for some, this will mean change of collection day for their recycling materials too. All the affected households will be informed of these changes by letter.

With the exception of the town of Stranraer, the food waste collection service will cease in the Wigtownshire area. This decision was taken by our Council to reduce collection costs but also the environmental impacts of driving vehicles long distances for small volumes of waste need to be considered. Anyone no longer receiving a food waste collection service should place waste food into the general household waste bin or alternatively certain food wastes can be composted. Our Council, in partnership with Get Composting.com offer opportunity to purchase these at a reduced price. https://getcomposting.com/profile/login

Chairman of Communities Committee, Councillor Andy Ferguson said;

“I am supportive of the proposal to simplify the kerbside collection service currently in operation in the Wigtownshire area. This will make it easier for residents to recycle and for the collection crews to load into the vehicles and has the added benefit of reducing collection costs. I would encourage residents, for those who can, to home-compost food waste where at all possible.”

In order to provide the residents the opportunity to find out more about the new collection methods, we’re holding Community conversations in Ward 1 and Ward 2 to coincide with the changes.

• Thursday 31 October, McMillian Hall, Newton Stewart, 3pm to 8pm
• Monday 4 November, Ryan Centre, Stranraer, 3pm to 8pm

Councillor John Martin, Vice Chairman of Communities committee commented;

“The fact that the materials that can be placed in the metals and plastics box now includes “cartons” and plastic “pots, tubs and trays”, is a big step forward and will see more material suitable for recycling being recycled. This can only be a positive step for our Council.”

Letters will be hitting doorsteps this week. Please contact the Waste Team at [email protected] or call 030 33 33 3000 for further information.

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