Councillor Jackie McCamon Highlights Concerns About Newton Stewart Flood Protection Scheme

A Local Councillor has raised fears regarding the slow progress of the Newton Stewart Flood Protection Scheme


Mid Galloway and Wigtown West Councillor Jackie McCamon highlighted her concerns in a meeting with Dumfries and Galloway’s Interim Chief Executive.


Newton Stewart was hit by devastating floods in December 2015 leaving many local residents and businesses in turmoil.


Councillor McCamon commented

 ‘Whilst it is inevitable a project of this scale requires mammoth planning and cannot happen overnight, many of the affected residents remain worried when the next flood could hit’.
She continued, ‘It is now 2021, 6 years on, and very little progress appears to have been made.  Unfortunately, the initial plans drawn up missed a crucial area and so surveys had to be circulated to the residents and that particular area drawn into the plan.  
“While coronavirus restrictions meant public engagement could not take place, contributing to some delays, it is disappointing that the council were not ready to hit the ground running from that point when easing of restrictions began.”
The Councillor added, ‘After requesting an update from the Scheme’s Project Manager, I was alarmed to hear of delays, so early on in the post-Covid timeline for the scheme.  I arranged a meeting with the Council’s Interim CEO, Fiona Lees, to highlight these delays and she has assured me she will put plans in place which aim to eliminate any further delay.
“I absolutely recognise the hard work and effort that has gone into the scheme so far, but time is really against us now and we really need to get this project over the line to give my constituents peace of mind when they go to bed at night.”

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