Council’s DGFirst in control of budgets

The DGFirst Management Committee (12 November 2015) will hear that DGFirst is projected to underspend by £130,000 on its revenue budget for 2015 – 2016.

The services covered in this report are those for which DGFirst receives a revenue budget allocation from a strategic commissioning service, including roads and infrastructure, waste collection, street cleansing, schools meals, grounds maintenance, community safety, and care and support services.

The committee will also receive a report showing that DGFirst’s trading operation is currently projecting a surplus of £2,200 against a budgeted surplus of £60,000. This would lead to a £57,800 overspend against the general fund budget for trading services. However, DGFirst is currently progressing a range of measures to ensure that it avoids a budget overspend and it is expected that, by the end of the financial year, this will be achieved.

These services operate on a trading basis or are fully allocated at the year end. They recover costs by charging internal of external customers for the services they provide. They include building cleaning, building services, roads maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and engineering.

Councillor Archie Dryburgh, chairman of the DGFirst Management Committee, said, “The DGFirst management team actively reviews expenditure and income across the service and reports to committee regularly. This close scrutiny enables us to monitor and actively control budgets, ensure financial prudence, and meet targets.”

The view the reports in full see: http://egenda.dumgal.gov.uk/aksdumgal/users/public/admin/kab14.pl?operation=SUBMIT&meet=30&cmte=FMC&grpid=public&arc=71

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