D&G Council’s Nursery Is Blooming Marvellous

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Grounds Maintenance Team have been working their green fingers to the bone getting ready for the Summer season.

Staff at the Nurseries at Cargen Towers grow in excess of 75,000 plants each year.  That’s the equivalent to a plant on every seat at Old Trafford!  These plants will soon be on full display across Dumfries and Galloway.  There are over 100 different varieties of plants that the gardening squad grow and maintain, and they come in many shapes and sizes.  From pruning pansies to trimming tulips, the staff within the Nursery do it all.


Getting ready for the Summer is a massive task for the team, but as Foreman Brian McAviney explains, the pressures of planting are well worth it;


“We are very pleased with the fruits of our labour.  It’s great to see the plants going out region-wide to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.”


The work has only just started for the Team though. Months of watering, pruning and maintaining the plants across Dumfries and Galloway lies ahead.  Teams of gardeners will be popping up region wide to make sure the plants remain perfect.


On a visit to the Nurseries last week, Councillor Tom McAughtrie, who Chairs the Council’s Communities Committee said;


“The excellent work of Brian and his team will soon be on show for the whole of the region to see and share.  Whilst our Council took a decision to cut the number of green spaces we maintain in order to meet drastic savings targets, we remain committed to making Dumfries and Galloway look beautiful. We’ll soon be right in the heart of tourist season and it is vital that we portray the region to be as bonnie on the eye to visitors as us residents know that is already is.  I would like to commend all the Team for their superb work, and wish them every success for the rest of the Summer season.  When you see the level of detail that the Team take to ensure the flowers on public display are to the highest possible standard, you can absolutely appreciate why the plants look so good in and around the region.”


Pictures attached of Cllrs McAughtrie and Martin with the gardening maintenance team

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