Police are warning local retailers and the public about a batch of counterfeit Bank of Ireland £50 notes that have been passed by Irish males & females in the Dumfries and Galloway area in recent weeks.

The suspects are passing both an old-style £50 note: Green in colour with Queens University of Belfast on rear and the newer £50 note: Purple in colour with the Old Bushmill distillery on the rear

In view of this Police are advising that people should ONLY accept the new style (Purple) £50 as shown below and check for the security features (listed below) to establish if the note is genuine.

If someone passes or attempt to pass you the old style green £50 notes, these should be declined & consideration given to contacting the Police (ASAP)

Our advice is the old green £50 notes should be declined if offered in payment for goods in Scotland and the person informed to take them to their local bank (if you believe they are counterfeit contact Police). Our advice is issued following consultation with the National Crime Agency and we would encourage you to share it across Facebook.

Security features to look out for on the PURPLE notes include;

* Watermark – Head of Medusa – right-hand side of note beside the vertical serial number

* Security Thread – In area of Bank logo when back lit

* See Through – Celtic pattern in watermark area

* Microprinting – ESP on both sides reading Bank of Ireland

* UV/Fluorescence – Phosphorescent barcode blinks in UV light on the front of note. Phosphorescent Bank of Ireland shows in UV light on back of note.

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