Creetown Folk ‘Baldly’ Support Cancer Charity In Memory Of Wendy

The Creetown Youth Club charity head shave for Cancer Research UK, in memory of local girl Wendy Davis was a great success last night. The support was amazing from locals, family and friends. 

It all started off with the youth club leader, Eddie McGaw welcoming everyone along to the fundraiser and thanking everyone for their support and generous donations in the lead up to the head shave. He explained how the idea had been brought up one youth club night, before Easter and after asking for volunteers, two of the members were able to get parental permission and the fundraising began.

Police Scotland were there and spoke a few words mainly to the children of the youth club, praising them to the highest for their behaviour in a and around the village and for attending the youth club regularly.

The main event of the evening, the head shave, started with 9 year old Tyler Ross from Creetown having all his hair shaved off by hairdresser Wendy Williamson. Followed by 12 year old AJ Smith, also from Creetown. During this, Wendy Davis’ partner, Dougie, approached Eddie with a very generous proposition, saying that when Wendy was receiving treatment and lost her hair, he would shave his hair in support of her, so in support of the young boys, he felt it was only right if the two  boys’ dads did the same. So Robert Ross and Alan Smith joined their sons and had all their hair shaved too! Eddie and Dougie followed suit and had theirs done too.

The next event was Eddie’s back wax, which the children thoroughly enjoyed as they were encouraged to have a go at removing the waxing strips, Eddie’s face said it all!!

The Stranraer African Drummers were there all night entertaining the crowd and the children loved playing along with them.

A stand up bingo was ran by Robert Ross snr and his wife Anne, and there were burgers and refreshments on sale with all proceeds going to the charity.

The money raised between sponsors and the activities held on the night  have reached around £2000, with money still coming in.

The just giving page that Tyler Ross has will keep on running for a couple of weeks while all sponsor money is collected. You can still donate at the link below:


The evening ended with Eddie thanking everyone who helped, took part and all the generous donations.


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