Disorientated Criffel Walkers Rescued By Moffat MRT

On 8 February in the afternoon Police Scotland requested the assistance of Moffat Mountain Rescue Team to locate two missing walkers near the summit of Criffel.


The two walkers had set out in the morning to climb to the summit of Criffel, soon after reaching the top the cloud descended and they became disorientated. After initially trying to find their way below the cloud they returned to the summit and called for help.


As they were near some steep ground the team advised they should stay where they were while a team made their way to their location.


Three team members set off to the summit while further members stood by at the base of the hill in case additional equipment was required.


The walkers were successfully located by the team and walked to safety from the hill.

Originally founded in 1969 as the ‘Moffat Hill Rescue Service’ in response to a spate of accidents in the Moffat area, the team later became affiliated to and represented by the Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland and changed its name to the Moffat Mountain Rescue Team. Staffed by between 25 to 30 dedicated and unpaid volunteers, we provide a 24hr service every day of the year. As well as providing a rescue service, we also provide assistance to numerous outdoor & community events, as well as races, not forgetting the essential fundraising that ensures that we continue to operate as a team, providing a non stop service to the public. The team is a registered Scottish charity, SCIO ~ No. SCO07510



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