Rhiannon Gerrard is Delighted to be a Curtis scholar 2018

Dumfries and Galloway girl Rhiannon Gerrard is delighted to be announced as one of two young people from Dumfries and Galloway to partake in to 2018 Curtis scholarship program.


This year’s program features weekly study/learning session without side work undertaken by scholars as well as two advocacy trips oversea. The first in early August to Johannesburg and Cape town with a meeting in London first and the second in late September to New York. Centred around leaning the skill of global citizenship, advocacy and research and present on global citizen’s key issue areas of health, water & Sanitation, girls & women, food & Hungry.


Rhiannon has created a Facebook page (Rhiannon – Curtis scholar 2018) for the trip to provide a platform for discussion, interaction with her during the trip and to raise awareness of poverty/poverty addressing work within the region and on the issues explored through the scholar program.


Rhiannon is very much looking forward to the opportunity and bring through her involvement this experience to as many local people as possible, and invites anyone interested or who has relevant organisation to share to get in touch via her facebook page. This form of engagement and encouraging the local community to become active local and global citizens and is exactly what she hopes to achieve during the program.

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