‘Cycle for Sam’ is a bike ride starting in Gretna on Saturday 25th June. We head for Moffat and ultimately a core group will finish in Stonehaven on 26th. Cyclists are welcome to join us for the whole route (return transport and overnight accommodation are provided) or any part of the route, for as little or as much as they can manage. Gretna to Moffat perhaps??

All we ask is that participants are sponsored or share the ‘Just Giving’ link for the cause.

I have a 5 year old nephew who is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment for an aggressive brain tumour at the Edinburgh Sick Children’s Hospital. The bike run is in aid of the Brain Tumour Charity, which funds research into improved medical treatments for this devastating condition.

Brain tumours are the second most common form of cancer in children (leukaemia being the first) and yet brain tumours also cause the highest number of deaths in adults and children under the age of 40. 62% of children who survive a brain tumour will be left with a life altering, long term disability. the brain tumour is harsh….the treatment even harsher!Brain tumour research is seriously under funded (less that 2% of national funding) and for this reason we have decided to set up ‘Super Sam’s fund’. Super Sam’s fund is linked directly with ‘the brain tumour charity’ ‘thebraintumourcharity.org’ and we aim to raise as much money as possible towards researching high grade paediatric brain tumours. In August 2015, Sam then aged 4 was counting down the days until he started school, on his first day of school he started with what we now know are classic signs of a brain tumour, morning vomiting and headaches. Less than 2 weeks after Sam started school we were given the devastating news that Sam had a tumour in the back of his brain. Sam underwent a 7 hour operation to remove the tumour and initially recovered well, just over 2 weeks later he wasn’t quite himself and he underwent more operations, as time went on he deteriorated more and spent his 5th birthday in the intensive care unit at edinburgh sick childrens hospital. after a couple of weeks in ITU sam was well enough to return to a ward but the injury his brain recieved meant he had to learn to walk again. Sam has been amazing, he can walk unaided but at the moment is still unable to skip, jump and run, things that normal 5 year olds should be doing. Since August Sam has spent all but a handful of days as a patient at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh battling the condition and its many complications. His mum and dad have lived in temporary accommodation in Edinburgh in order to be by his side throughout an agonising process of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.Scientists are confident that they are making significant progress towards understanding the causes and providing cures for these terrible conditions. It is a matter of more research and consequently more money.

www.justgiving.com/Cycle-for-Sam is the donation page.

Please also see our Facebook page




For updates and more details, including sponsor forms and registration. We need your help!

Thank you.

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