Police Scotland is investigating the circumstances surrounding a car which appears to have been set on fire whilst parked in a layby near to Eaglesfield. Around 11.12pm on Tuesday 8 May 2018 the Fire and Rescue Service were called to a car on fire in the layby, on the B722 road near to Burnhead Cottage, Eaglesfield. The fire was extinguished however the vehicle, a black coloured Vauxhall Insignia car was badly damaged. Subsequent examination indicates that it appears to have been a deliberate act. The car was parked in the layby at the time with one of the wheels removed to repair a puncture.

Constable Ryan McGarvey at Annan said “we would like to hear from anyone who may have been using the B722 road between Annan and Eaglesfield late on Tuesday night. In particular anyone seen in or around the layby at Burnhead Cotage we would be interested to hearing about. Callers can use the 101 number and give the reference number 0020 of 9/5.”


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