Demonstration of Trans Solidarity To Be Held in Dumfries Town Centre  

LGBTQ+ people in Dumfries and Galloway will hold a demonstration of Trans Solidarity at The Plainstanes in Dumfries on Wednesday February 08th at 17:30. 

 The decision to hold a public show of love and support follows a move by the UK Government  to block the Gender Recognition Bill (Scotland), a bill designed to make it easier for Trans people in Scotland to obtain legal recognition of their gender.


A member of the group stated: Its so important that we come together to show our support for Trans people at this time in a way which emphasises that Trans peoples identities are not a political matter for debate. This demonstration is about showing our love for our Trans siblings is as strong as ever despite recent events and a consequential upswing in anti-trans hate speech online.”


The group holding the demonstration will also bring forward a charter for individuals to sign detailing several recommendations for the local council surrounding Trans rights and awareness.


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