Support the Devil’s Porridge Museum in Eastriggs to get a £50,000 grant


A volunteer from the Devil’s Porridge Museum has contacted DGWGO to help raise awareness of an important event due to take place on Border TV on November the 26th 2013 – 6pm.

The Devil’s Porridge Museum has been short-listed for the People’s Millions and will go head-to-head with another good cause on Border TV. They need as many votes as possible to be awarded the £50,000 grant! It will ensure that the amazing story of how Eastriggs and Gretna were built in WW1 for the greatest munitions factory of the time, is told to future generations. It will also be a lasting commemoration to those who died in both world wars.

The money will be used to provide high quality displays for their new museum and hub which is due to re-open next year.

You can phone in your support from 9.00am to midnight on Tuesday 26th of November. The number will be available on the People’s Millions website from early morning and on Border TV News at 6pm where supporting films will be aired.

This short YouTube clips will tell you a bit more about this important and historical part of the region

Have you been to the museum?

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