My name is Shona Dickson I’m a busy mum to 4 handsome boys and and doggy lover, I have 5 dogs at home and chickens too.

I have always been interested in arts and photography from a young age but have taken to photography more seriously in the last 2 years. It started out as a hobby and slowly but surely has led to me starting out in business. I’m very much new to that and still in the process of getting fully set up.

Dumfries and Galloway has such a lot to offer people yet us locals don’t take too much notice as its right on our door step. I have lived in Dumfries and Galloway for 11 years now and it was just a couple of weeks ago that I actually took photos at the Whitesands,Dumfries .


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I love to visit all the castles and derelict buildings in the region, I like to think they tell a good story. Also I enjoy the the forest walks, beaches and gardens that D&G has to offer. Our area is full of history and stories to be told by local folk some good some bad but all very interesting and a great way to learn about the region.It’s wonderful to here from local people that have found little hidden treasures and places to visit that not all of us know about, I try making a point to go find these places.



Something else close to my heart that I get involved with, are fundraisers and local charities that are holding events. I try my best to help promote them, one such local charity that is situated right on my door step ,which I only found out about when I took photos for a charity night that was organised to raise funds for them, is  called Chariots of Fire, a Carriage driving centre specialising in driving for disabilities, They do amazing work.


I like to step out and try different things my camera,my  most popular is probably the fairy photography that I create, which at the moment is mostly composite work but I’m working on finding grounds to do outdoor fairy ones in our local forests,woods and gardens.  Any suggestions would be great ?


One more thing for all you budding photographers out there is don’t be afraid to experiment with your angle of view, I have probably looked very silly taking some of my photos to passers by, while I get into unusual positions, but it’s worth it when you get that one shot that will be a favourite of yours for years to come.


You Can see more of Shonas’ work on her website at http://www.shonadicksonphotography.co.uk/

You can also follow her on Facebook on this link https://www.facebook.com/shonadicksonphotography/timeline
further pics coming in another email 🙂

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