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DGWGO were contacted this week by Grant McCallister , who is helping the Annual Motorcycle Toy Run Raise some extra funds by producing a T shirt to sell ! This is a really popular event and does a lot of good , And Grant wanted to help support it in his own way !


A little back story: I’m a new bike rider, so this will be my first time taking part in the event itself – I’ve seen it happen year after year but I’ve not really been able to get 1 a 1 a Dugals Friday Focusinvolved.

The run is basically a group of bikers from around the Dumfries and Galloway area getting together, riding through the region stopping at various points. What they do is bring a bunch of presents (unopened and new) with them, these get distributed to social services for underprivileged children this Christmas.

So that got me thinking, I’m sure this event can have a much larger impact if others could get involved. So I’ve created some t-shirts, where all the profits will go to buying toys that will be donated for this charity run. I’ve also said I will double the profits made with my own money.

I’m not involved with the organisation of this run, I just want to be a part of it and I think no kid (especially local kids) should go without at Christmas – I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it knowing that I didn’t try to help out.

I’ve had great support from the local IAM group as well as the Galloway Gremlins (both local motorcycle groups) – with orders being placed, people are buying them as Christmas gifts for bikers – which is a great idea I thought!

For the printing of the T-Shirts, I’m using a service called TeeSpring – they receive all the orders and then after the sale is closed (this weekend) the t-shirts are all printed and sent out to everyone who ordered one – so they are really limited edition! If we don’t reach our goal of 10 t-shirts, they don’t get printed and no one will be charged – but that also means that no profits will be made to help buy gifts so I’m really hoping that we can at least sell 10 of these.

There are 2 styles (all prices on the TeeSpring site are listed in USD, but they ship all over the work and paypal or your bank will convert this for you).

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Here is the lower cost T-Shirt, which is cheaper to print (delivered it costs 20 pounds): www.teespring.com/ScottishBiker2

There is a more expensive one, higher quality print and material (it costs around 28 pounds delivered): www.teespring.com/ScottishBiker

These all come in male and females sizes.

Article written by Grant for DGWGO

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