1 a 1 a sling 2Slinging around was conceived back in September 2013, out of a local need for all things Babywearing. I’ve always had a love of keeping my baby close, it just felt right and very natural. My friends, and people around me started asking for advice and wanting to borrow this wrap or that wrap and it was an inevitable progression to start Slinging Around Chatter. The chatter group was an online group and a social meet, where liked mind parents could come along and try out each others carriers and have a blether. It made me really want to be more hands on, and equip other parents with the right information. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right and it’s worth doing it safely.
We have a lot of platforms we operate from. We have our facebook group (www.facebook.com/slingingarounddumfriesgalloway) twitter account (@slingingaround) and good old fashion sling meets. It’s never been easier to contact us!
To have gone solo, was both daunting and liberating. I support and educate a lot of parents with their slings and it’s the best job in the world. We are an independent Sling Library and we are seeing an increase in demand for sling hire, we provide specialist and honest advice. After all, we understand that you are looking to carry the most precious thing in the world. As the only Babywearing Consultant in Dumfries, this is extremely important to me, which is why I have invested in training and im fully insured for the services I offer. It helps to give reassurance to parents that I am qualified to give them qualified advice and guidance
So what now? Where do you start?
Sling Meets – We have fortnightly sling meets in Dumfries and Lockerbie (and are branching into other areas) where you can come along and try on and even hire our baby carriers.
Consultations – Great for when you need 1-2-1 support or more time to choose a sling thats right for you, also great for learning new things such as back carrying.1 a 1 a Dugals Friday Focus These can be arranged in your home or a suitable location.
Workshops – We have a calendar of workshops throughout the year which looks at specific elements of babywearing including bump 2 baby, babywearing newborns, back carrying, ring slings and much much more!
Gift Vouchers – Great for getting new parents a voucher for a sling hire or consultation, can be used on all services and great for births,birthdays and christmas or just because!

Where can you come along and find out more?
Dumfries Toy Library, Lochside Road, Lochside,Dumfries
1-3pm every second Thursday

The Electric Theatre Studios, Munches Street,Dumfries
12.30-2.30pm every second Saturday
The Session House within the grounds of Dryfesdale Parish Church,Townhead Street, Lockerbie
10am-11.30am every second Sunday

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