Kids Say ‘No Pooping On Our Park!’ – Stranraer

Stranraer Community Council identified Agnew Park as an area that is suffering an unacceptable level of dog fouling.

The pupils of Sheuchan Primary School have “called time” on the issue, that blights the park, in partnership with the local community council.

The project, facilitated by our Community Safety Team, who have the remit of enforcing environmental legislation, using a well-tried campaign of having the pupils design some posters to drive home the message that dog fouling is never acceptable.

All the pupils in Sheuchan learned about these environmental issues in late September, and the Primary 7 pupils took on the role of being the graphic designers.

Last week, Phase 2 swung into action. The P7 class headed down into Agnew Park to erect the posters.

It was then onto Phase 3 that evening when Ellie McColm and Murron Stewart attended Stranraer Community Council, along with the Community Safety Team to deliver a short PowerPoint presentation about the poster project and what they have learned.

If you witness dog fouling or littering, please contact your local Community Safety Team on 030 33 33 3000.