Community Campaigner Doug Fairbairn Selected By Scottish Conservatives To Fight Annandale North

Community campaigner Doug Fairbairn has been chosen by the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party to contest the upcoming Annandale North by-election.

Doug, 47, lives and works in Dumfriesshire and is promising to hit the ground running on a number of issues if he is successful on Thursday November 17.

He is well aware of the issues affecting Annandale North and he is looking forward to getting out and about in local communities having also secured the backing of local representatives David Mundell MP and Oliver Mundell MSP.

Doug also says the by-election is an ideal opportunity for voters in the ward to tell the SNP that they are firmly opposed to any plans for a second referendum on independence.

Commenting after being selected, Doug Fairbairn said: “It is a great honour to be selected to fight this by-election and I am really looking forward to getting out and speaking to local voters to hear about their concerns which I am also passionate about.

“Living with my wife Gwyneth and having brought up my two sons Kyle and Luke locally as well as having gone to St Joseph’s college in Dumfries I am more than ready for the challenge of being a councillor.

“I also work in Dumfries and deal with local people and businesses on a daily basis and that experience will be at the heart of my plans as a councillor.

“Being a community councillor for six years in Torthorwald, I was at the heart of my community and gained a real understanding of how the council operates so I would hit the ground running.

“I would be extremely pro-active from day one taking up people’s concerns in order to bring about real change for people living in Annandale North.”

Doug says that the election will also allow voters who feel passionate about the United Kingdom that they don’t want another independence referendum.

Doug added: “What we need right now is stability but we have Nicola Sturgeon muddying the waters further with her constant talk of a second independence referendum.

“That isn’t in the best interests of anyone and I call on her to draw a line under it and respect those who voted No in great numbers two years ago.

“I am firmly opposed to any plans for another referendum.”

Doug received the backing of Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell who said: “Doug is firmly committed to fighting for local communities and has the experience and local knowledge to be a huge asset for Annandale North.

“I have no doubts if he was successful he would hit the ground running as a councillor and ensure concerns are acted upon.

“He is also very much committed to defending our United Kingdom which voters in this area overwhelmingly backed two years ago.

“I am looking forward to joining Doug on the campaign trail in the coming weeks discussing issues with local people.”

Adding his backing Oliver Mundell MSP said: “I am delighted Doug has been chosen as our candidate and he will be a strong voice for communities in Annandale North.

“He understands the concerns of local communities as he lives and works locally which is absolutely vital for dealing with people’s issues.

“Doug would make a real difference to Annandale North and I am looking forward to playing a key role in his campaign.”