Dream Job Up For Grabs For The Outdoor Type At Loch Ken

Loch Ken Trust, a new organisation set up to care for Loch Ken and the surrounding area, is looking for a Loch Ken Ranger to work through the summer of 2021.

The Loch Ken Trust was established to “promote the natural, cultural and recreational assets of the Loch Ken area for the benefit of the public and to support sustainable local communities.”

As well as exploring strategic and national opportunities, the Trust is working with a range of partners to directly support communities, businesses, and user groups around the Loch – making a difference in the short and medium term. In line with this latter point, the Loch Ken Trust has secured funding from a variety of sources, including Blackcraig Wind Farm Community Fund, administered by Foundation Scotland working in partnership with the Glenkens & District Trust and is now able to advertise for a ‘Loch Ken Ranger’ role, to operate from April to September 2021.

The position is offered on a self-employed contract basis. Headline duties will be:

  • To act as a positive, visible presence around Loch Ken, enhancing the experience for both residents and visitors; and
  • To work with partners, agencies, and statutory authorities, to encourage and promote responsible use of the Loch and the surrounding area. Key partners include Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Community Safety Team and Police Scotland.

Full details can be found in the Job Profile document, which can be accessed here: https://lochken.org.uk/job-opportunity/. The closing date for applications is 5pm, Tuesday 30th March.

Loch Ken Trust Chairman, Alan Smith, said:

“While this position is being offered initially on a six-month, contracted basis, this marks a major milestone on a broader aim of supporting the communities, businesses, visitors and user groups around Loch Ken.  The current role is essentially a ‘proof of concept’ and assuming a visible difference is made then it is the intention that funding is sought for a full-time position. 
When the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 was implemented, it had a massive influence on access rights across Scotland. The passing of the legislation, nearly 20 years ago, marked only the start of a learning process on the opportunities and challenges that this brings to an attractive rural area such as Loch Ken. The Loch Ken Trust is in dialogue with national agencies and decision makers on this topic, we have an opportunity to act as an exemplar on how these issues can be managed.
While referred to the position as a ‘Ranger’, we see this role as a nationally innovative response to issues such as the maturing Land Reform Act legislation, as well as recent developments, such as the impact of Covid-19.
There is also a strong economic development case attached to this work. Regional natural assets like Loch Ken can only be used to drive the local economy if the resources are in place to support all parties involved.  
We know that Loch Ken, in the UNESCO Biosphere, adjoining the Dark Sky Park and in the Galloway landscape, forms one of the most special places in Scotland. We want users of the loch to work with us in looking after it. If you would like to discuss the role further, please do get in touch. Applications to be submitted to [email protected] by 30th March.”

If you would like to get in touch with the Loch Ken Trust, or if you would like to join as a member, please contact Barnaby Fryer, Loch Ken Trust Officer on: [email protected]


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