Scottish Fire and Rescue Highlight Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Week 2017

Many people who accidently drown never intended to enter the water, statistics show.
A total of 321 people tragically died across the UK in 2015 after tripping, falling or simply underestimating the risks of being near water.And statistics from Water Safety Scotland show that during 2015 there were 50 accidental fatalities involving water in Scotland.

Now, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Servicehas joined forces with UK colleagues to raise awareness of the dangers.

The SFRS will help drive the Be Water Aware campaign which is being led by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC).

Assistant Chief Officer of Prevention and Protection David McGown said: “We want to prevent people from drowning and we are joining forces with partners wherever possible and appropriate to raise awareness of the very clear and significant dangers.
“By supporting water safety and drowning week we hope to reduce the number of casualties and fatalities in Scotland.
“We want people to enjoy the summer season and to be safe.”
The Be Water Aware campaign will launch on April 24 and run until April 30.
Chief Fire Officer Association’s Water Safety Lead, Dawn Whittaker, said “Most people would be shocked to hear that most of the people who drown only happen to be near water, for example runners, walkers and fisherman.
“They are unaware of the risks and are totally unprepared.
“By highlighting this issue and making sure simple safety messages reach them we hope to reduce the number of these needless deaths.”

Visit our water safety page for a series of tips to stay safe around water HERE

SFRS will also be posting on social media throughout the week using the hashtag #BeWaterAware 

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