Campaigners who want to see the A75 upgraded to a dual carriageway from Gretna to Stranraer are planning to meet Galloway and West Dumfries MSP Finlay Carson  on Monday Afternoon. 


The campaigners met with Finlay in March to share with him their campaign so far and to discuss ways in moving the issue forward. At the time Finlay was a constituency candidate for the Scottish Parliament and highlighted if he became the MSP for his constituency he would be able to have a greater influence over the campaign.


The campaigners are currently devising a report which breaks the A75 down into sections and subsections as to where dualling would be possible on the route. They are hoping to show their report to Finlay on Monday.


With the Dumfries and Galloway Transport Summit being held on the 22nd of August, the Dual The A75 campaign team feel it necessary to meet with Finlay to discuss this big upcoming event. The team have been invited to the Transport Summit and plan to give a presentation as to why they feel the A75 should be dualled aswell as presenting their upgrade report.


Finlay said in another report, “We need a report on the economic and strategic impact of dualling the whole of the A75. The impact of doing nothing will have a detrimental effect on communities the length and breadth of the A75, including Stranraer – the forgotten Gateway to Scotland.”


The Transport Summit will cover a range of transport issues for the region including proposals for better rail links and better road links to the M74 motorway from Dumfries.


The campaigners are also keen to try and meet with Joan McAlpine before the Transport Summit.


One of the campaign leaders Danny Pool said “With the Transport Summit just around the corner, it is vital the campaign team meets with anybody who believes the road should be dualled and who will be in attendance at the summit. We plan to give a presentation highlighting the reasons why we think the road should be dualled aswell as showing our “Upgrade Strategy” report which states where dualling would be possible on the route. There will be lots to talk about at the summit, from the desperate need for a dualled bypass for the villages of Crocketford and Springholm to quickly improving the road for the new Dumfries and Galloway Hospital. This is a huge opportunity for our campaign and to put the A75 centre stage.”


Anybody who wants to keep up to date with the campaigners can do so through Social Media at this web link: https://www.facebook.com/A75RoadUpgrade/?fref=ts

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