Just 1 Day Left to Sign the ‘Dual The A75’ Online Petition

Tomorrow  July 13th 2016 will mark a new milestone for the ‘Dual The A75’ campaign team with the submission of their Scottish Parliament Petition. Like their title says, the campaign group are campaigning to see a dualled A75 between Gretna and Stranraer and have been running an active Facebook campaign since February 2016. They launched their Scottish Parliament petition in June and have accumulated over 1,300 signatures.

With the petition closing on the 13th of July (tomorrow) the campaign team are urging all those who believe that the A75 requires upgrading to sign up. The team believe upgrading the A75 is vital for enhancing the local economy and improving transport links in the region. With this in mind, the new Dumfries and Galloway Infirmary is under construction at the Garroch roundabout on the A75 and the campaigners feel it is vital to improve road links to both the east and west. ‘Dual The A75’ team also say increased safety and tourism and business growth are other major factors as to why they feel the road should be dualled.


The team can be found on Facebook at “Dual The A75” and you are able to sign their petition here: http://www.parliament.scot/GettingInvolved/Petitions/A75RoadUpgrade

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