Dumfries and Galloway Police Hold Awards Night

In recognition of outstanding performance and commitment in a wide variety of areas, Police Scotland held a Recognition Awards Ceremony at The Usual Place in Dumfries on Wednesday 26 June 2019. Awards were presented by the local Dumfries and Galloway Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Linda Jones.

Chief Superintendent Linda Jones said These recognition awards are very important to not only those who receive them, but also to those in the wider community. They serve to highlight the bravery, professionalism, commitment and dedication of our officers, staff and the public in general have in helping to make a difference in the community in which they serve and live. These are many fine examples of people going above and beyond what might be considered the normal course of action and it is only fitting that their efforts are recognised.”

Recognition award for Department
(Where the work of a department has contributed significantly to the overall performance of a division)
Public Protection Unit
The Public Protection Unit staff are recognised for their significant contribution to the overall performance of Dumfries and Galloway Police Division.
Despite a noticeable increase in reported Sexual Offences, the detection rates in division remain the highest in the country.
Such results can only be achieved by a committed team and it is for this reason that the Public Protection Unit staff are being recognised for their achievements. The team consistently perform to a high standard creating a positive working atmosphere which enhances team performance, whilst dealing with numerous cases which are often of a distressing and of an emotive nature.

Recognition award for Teamwork
(Occasions where team work has been a critical factor in achieving a favourable outcome to a situation)
Dumfries Town Centre Officers, Constables Alistair Hope, David Steele and Scott Lockhart.
Constables Alistair Hope, David Steele and Scott Lockhart are recognised for their outstanding teamwork.
The three officers have worked together, policing Dumfries Town Centre since October 2017 and take pride in policing their ‘Town Centre patch’.
The team are proactive in tackling crime and in the previous 12 months they have collectively submitted over 200 charge reports to the Procurator Fiscal.
The officers also promote numerous crime prevention initiatives including the radio link scheme, organise retail crime prevention training and have been proactive in driving forward the divisional financial harm strategy.
It is evident that they go the extra mile and as a result of their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm they fully deserve recognition for the important role they play.

Recognition award for continuous endeavour
(An individual who has demonstrated sustained commitment and enthusiasm for their role)
Constable Paul Kempsell
Constable Paul Kempsell is recognised for his sustained commitment and enthusiasm for his role while investigating a spate of thefts from vehicles and the subsequent fraudulent use of stolen bank cards which occurred over a three month period.
Constable Kempsell took on the complex investigation and over a number of months he gathered evidence from the 52 separate crimes, before subsequently identifying a suspect.
Constable Kempsell arrested the suspect and then remained on duty for more than 21 hours in order to ensure the custody report contained the required evidence and was clearly presented.
These crimes had a significant impact on the local communities and Constable Kempsell is commended for delivering a service above and beyond what would be expected of him in his current role and for putting himself forward in order to bring a prolific offender to justice.

Detective Constable Angela Mawhinney
Detective Constable Angela Mawhinney is recognised for her sustained commitment and enthusiasm for her role while investigating the offending of a serial domestic abuser.
Detective Constable Mawhinney’s involvement with the case began after a woman contacted the police on a number of occasions regarding the actions of a man. Over time Detective Constable Mawhinney was able to gain the trust of the woman, restoring her confidence in the police and was ultimately able to obtain a detailed statement from the woman. Due to the trauma the woman had experienced she required extensive support and reassurance which Dc Mawhinney provided with care and compassion.
Detective Constable Mawhinney’s skills with vulnerable victims were demonstrated to great effect throughout this investigation and she carried out extensive enquiries to identify and trace numerous previous partners of the suspect. Through her empathetic and sensitive approach she was able to gain their trust and five further victims came forward. The offending by the man was found to span a period of 22 years.
Following a successful prosecution, the man was found guilty of 14 charges which included serious sexual offences and he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.
Following the conviction several of the women expressed how fantastic DC Mawhinney was in the way she dealt with them and said they may not have come forward if it had not been for her.

Detective Constable Stuart McKie
Detective Constable Stuart McKie is recognised for his sustained commitment and enthusiasm for his role while investigating a serious sexual offence.
The woman of this crime lived in Dumfries, however, during his investigation, Detective Constable Mckie was able to identify further victims in Cumbria and Northumbria. Due to Detective Constable McKie’s thorough investigation, he gained sufficient evidence which lead to the arrest and remand of the man.
Throughout the enquiry, Detective Constable McKie liaised with both Scottish and English prosecutors, and was personally commended by the Crown Prosecution Service for the extensive investigation he carried out.
The man was considered extremely dangerous and devious individual who, due in no small part to the efforts of Detective Constable McKie, was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.

Constable Graeme Stewart
Constable Graeme Stewart is recognised for his sustained commitment and enthusiasm for his role as Police Scotland Youth Volunteer Coordinator for Stranraer.
Over 12 months, Constable Stewart led the group to retain the National PSYV Championship trophy at the Scottish Police College and also win UK Cadet Championship. This was the first time that any team had won both the Scottish and National competitions in the same year.
Constable Stewart has also supported the team as they took part in various challenges and events, including the Blue Flash Challenge, Young Creatives Festival, Parkfest, the Stranraer half marathon and the Portpatrick Lifeboat Week.
The group have also raised over £4000 for charity and during December they put together 140 Christmas boxes which were hand delivered by the young people to vulnerable people in and around Stranraer.
It is clear that the team has worked significantly hard over the last 12 months to achieve all that they have, but it takes someone with significant enthusiasm and commitment to drive them towards success. It is down to the hard work and commitment of Constable Graeme Stewart that the team has performed so well.

Recognition award for going above and beyond
(An individual/team who has gone above and beyond the expectations of their role)
Constables Richard Knox and Michael Briody
Constables Richard Knox and Michael Briody are recognised for going above and beyond the expectations of their role whilst saving the life of a man.
In the early hours of the 5 July 2018, the officers responded to a call about a man who was standing on the ledge of a bridge over the River Nith in Dumfries.
Constables Knox and Briody immediately attended and began talking with the man who was clearly distressed. Moments later the man jumped in to the river and was struggling to stay afloat. Both officers made numerous unsuccessful attempts to assist the man by shouting instructions and throwing life rings however he continued to struggle in the water.
Both officers then took it upon themselves to enter the water, swimming out to the struggling male, and pulling him back to the river bank, where he was attended to by medical services.

Michael Caven
Michael Caven is recognised for going above and beyond the expectations of their role after he detained a woman who had just stolen a purse.
Michael Caven and a colleague were on duty as care workers accompanying a service user who was a vulnerable person who suffered from autism.
As they were out walking in Dumfries, Michael noticed a woman following close behind them and then saw that she had reached in to the rucksack of his colleague, stealing her purse and then attempting to run away.
Michael immediately took hold of the woman and kept hold of her to prevent her from leaving prior to police arrival. Throughout this the woman was shouting and swearing at him to let her go, she continued to struggle with him and then proceeded to assault him in an effort to break free. During this struggle a man assaulted Michael in an attempt to free the woman, however he managed to keep hold of her until the arrival of police.
There is no doubt that Michael provided brave and selfless assistance by placing himself in harm’s way to prevent a thief running off with property and held on to her despite being assaulted. If Michael had not acted in the way he did it would be very likely that the perpetrator would have made off with the property and evaded police.

Recognition award for making a difference
(an individual/team who had made a real difference to the community, member of the public or colleague)
Constables Sarah Dickson and Ruairdih Matthews
Constables Sarah Dickson and Ruairdih Matthews are recognised for their professionalism whilst dealing with a disturbance.
While travelling along Lochside Road in Dumfries the officers observed a group fighting with each other in the street. At this time one of the men punched another man causing him to fall back hitting his head on the kerb and the situation quick descended into a melee.
Both officers ran to break up the fight and restrain the suspect whilst summoning for urgent assistance. The victim lay on the ground unconscious, with blood coming from a head injury and was clearly in need of medical assistance.
Whilst waiting for assistance the crowd increased, the injured man regained consciousness and he too became aggressive. Constable Matthews took a position to lean over the inured male, whilst Constable Dickson continued to hold back the crowd, until assistance arrived.
Both officers found themselves in an extremely volatile situation where they had to provide assistance to an injured man, whilst restraining another aggressive man, as well as seeking to quell an ever growing crowd. Throughout this incident both officers showed extreme bravery and courage and they were later commended by the Procurator Fiscal for their bravery.

Constables Pauline Kirk and Caroline Carson
Constables Pauline Kirk and Caroline Carson are recognised for their professionalism while dealing with a violent man.
The officers were responding to a call about an aggressive man who was challenging neighbours to fight and throwing items at their windows.
On arrival the man was identified as someone known to the police for extreme violence. He was continually aggressive towards officers making threats of violence and challenging them to get male colleagues to attend.
The man ran out from his house in an attempt to assault neighbours, who were in the process of fleeing from the area. At this point the man was enraged and dangerously out of control, and threw a knife at a car and making threats towards its occupants. The man then approached both officers with a knife in his hand and Constable Kirk placed herself in danger to protect the public.
Constable Carson took the opportunity to deploy her PAVA spray whilst Constable Kirk deployed her baton. Officers ensured that public were safe by creating an environment to isolate the man. On seeing that PAVA was taking effect they used their communication skills, removed the weapon and took control of him.
Constables Kirk and Carson acted without fear, and they showed extreme bravery by putting their own personal safety at risk in order to protect the public and young children who were in the area.

Constable Julie McQuillan
Constable Julie McQuillan is a recognised for her professionalism during a stressful and dynamic siege.
In November 2018 she was called to a domestic incident where a woman reported that her partner was refusing to leave the house and that there were four young children within.
On arrival of police it was clear the man was immediately aggressive and was threatening officers within serious violence. His behaviour escalated and he continually approached the officers with hands hidden behind his back while threatening serious harm.
The incident was declared a siege due to the concern for the safety of the children.
A short time later, the man again came out of the house, but this time was encouraging his two young, visibly upset children to follow him.
Constable McQuillan manoeuvred herself to provide a safe distance and angle from the children present and discharged her Taser, which took the man to the ground where he was quickly apprehended.
Despite the chaotic scene Constable McQuillan remained calm under extreme pressure and used her specialised Taser training in difficult circumstances, resulting in the apprehension of an offender and the safe guarding of the young children and general public.

Chief Superintendent’s recognition award for life saving
Lesley Jardine
Lesley Jardine is awarded the Chief Superintendents recognition award for life saving after she saved the life of a man.
While driving with a colleague he began to complain of chest pains, however dismissed it as heartburn and they continued to their destination.
Lesley noted her colleague’s symptoms became noticeably worse and concerned for his wellbeing, she insisted they pulled over and that she drove. It was not much further into the return journey that her colleague again remarked about not feeling well and asked to be taken straight back to Dumfries. Instantly recognising that something was now seriously wrong Lesley diverted to Annan, the closest police station to her location where she knew she could swiftly seek medical assistance.
She immediately asked for an ambulance to be called and followed medical advice by running to a nearby pharmacy to obtain and administer a recommended dose of aspirin.
Stressful as the situation was Lesley was able to keep composed and comfort her colleague with her cheery dependable attitude whilst they waited for the ambulance. Her colleague was then taken straight to Glasgow Hospital, now as a medical emergency requiring heart surgery. Lesley then made the decision to personally deliver the distressing news to her colleague’s wife first hand and offer her support.
Her colleague is now recovering well, however without her quick action the outcome on this day may have been very different.

Constable Fiona Sword
Constable Fiona Sword is awarded the Chief Superintendents recognition award for life saving after she saved the life of a woman.
During a routine concern for person call, Constable Sword was tasked with locating a woman after family members became concerned she may have come to harm.
Constable Sword was able to find a possible new address for the woman and attended alone. Constable Sword was unable to get a response at the door and concerned for the woman she entered the property via the unlocked door. The woman was found within slumped on her bed, unresponsive and with no pulse. Constable Sword moved the woman onto the floor where she began CPR.
After several minutes a pulse was found and Constable Sword thereafter placed her in the recovery position and awaited ambulance. The brave actions and quick response of Constable Sword saved the woman’s life.

Constable Robin Adair, Constable James McQuillan and Robert McNeillie
Robert McNeillie and Constables Robin Adair and James McQuillan are awarded the Chief Superintendents recognition award for life saving after they saved the life of a woman.
In December 2018, Constables Adair and McQuillan were off duty within a restaurant in Stranraer for their Christmas lunch. Robert McNeillie was also within the premises having lunch with his work colleagues.
During the lunch, Constables Adair and MQuillan became aware of an elderly woman at a nearby table who appeared to be choking. Without hesitation Constables Adair and McQuillan immediately went to the woman and started to administer first aid, where they were quickly joined by Robert McNeillie.
As they tried to dislodge the blockage, the woman collapsed and stopped breathing. All three men continued to try and clear the blockage while commencing CPR. The blockage was eventually removed and the woman responded to the CPR. She was subsequently taken to hospital by paramedics and there is little doubt the prompt actions of all three saved the woman’s life.

Constables Craig Flint and Christopher Kemp
Constables Craig Flint and Christopher Kemp are awarded the Chief Superintendents recognition award for life saving after they saved the life of a man.
The officers responded to a call about a man who had jumped off a roof in Dumfries. On arrival they found the man on the ground with blood coming from his mouth. He quickly stopped breathing and became unresponsive. Both officers started CPR and after a period of time he started to respond, before being taken into the care of paramedics and transferred to hospital where he was found to have numerous internal injuries.
Both officers remained calm and professional during this situation and their actions assisted in saving the males life.

Outstanding Performers
Special Constable Andrew Gilston
Special Constable Andrew Gilston is recognised for his consistently outstanding performance as a special constable.
Special Constable Gilston is known as an extremely reliable individual, willing to work at very short notice to help his colleagues, and regularly receives e-mails from supervisors seeking assistance at peak times. He is described as having a very calm persona, has a good understanding of the law and procedures and does not get flustered in the face of challenging situations.
Despite having competing demands in his personal life, he continually has one of the highest work hours recorded within division.
In 2019, Special Constable Gilston single handily created an action plan to challenge issues surrounding the low level anti-social behaviour calls in the run up and throughout the summer holiday period.
He supplemented his own operational knowledge by researching police systems to come up with ‘hot spot’ areas in Dumfries and individuals regularly involved in this type of behaviour. He then canvassed his special constabulary colleagues seeking their support and produced an operational order and provided a briefing for the staff involved. The initiative was well received and has now been rolled out across the division.
Special Constable Gilston has shown a commitment to his role, has made a difference to his own community as well as enhancing the reputation of the special constabulary, inspiring others to become involved.

Steven Irving
Steven Irving is recognised for his consistently outstanding performance as an analyst co-ordinator within Dumfries and Galloway Division.
Steven carries out his work diligently, efficiently and always to a high standard. On a daily basis he produces a variety of different analytical reports to assist all departments with the prevention, investigation and detection of crime.
Steven regularly reports to the Senior Management Team, providing trend analysis to support patrol strategies and forecasting to support the direction of resources and offering support for local initiatives.
He provides data and assists with the compilation of report for the local authority, assessing and analysing local trends to provide management information for context and explanation for the reason behind any significant fluctuations.
In addition, Steven also assists division with selection interviews, he is an accredited workplace mediator and supervises the running of the Casualty Bureau Contact centre.
Steven’s knowledge and experience within the analytical field is second to none and is always gratefully received. His work contributes to achieving and supporting local and national objectives and is always willing to assist where ever he can.

Constable Shannon Rush
Constable Shannon Rush is recognised for her consistently outstanding performance during her probation.
Since becoming a police officer two years ago, she has excelled in all aspects of training and development and continually demonstrates exceptional levels of service to the public, witnesses and victims of crime. She is enthusiastic about delivering a high quality of policing and is truly an inspiration to others.
Academically Constable Rush’s achievements have been exceptional. She passed all exams one her first attempt and has consistently gained pass marks in the top 10 % of her group. Her attendance level is impeccable.
As an officer Constable Rush has a proven ability to turn her hand to all areas of policing, conducting herself with integrity, common sense and sound judgement. Her emotional intelligence was described as ‘beyond her years’ demonstrating self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and the drive to develop others both younger and older in service than herself.
She is an outstanding officer and has recently taken on the role of training new recruits as a tutor constable.

Constable Ian Dawes
Constable Ian Dawes is recognised for her consistently outstanding performance throughout his 14 years as a police officer.
Throughout his this service, Constable Dawes has given 100 percent to every role that he has undertaken, which has incorporated service in operational response policing, community policing, the pro-active unit and Criminal Investigation Department. He is very much a team player, hardworking and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to the public, his colleagues and organisation.
Ian currently works in the training department at Dumfries where he holds the role of Operational Safety Instructor for the Division. Over the past few years Ian has undertaken the lead Officer Safety Training instructor role which is no mean task, and he has delivered 180 courses to officers and special constables in Dumfries and Galloway alone. His commitment is such that he also offers additional training to all officers including those special constables who cannot attend courses during normal business hours, and probationary constables who are experiencing operational policing for the first time.
His professional, flexible and enthusiastic approach has been recognised and has led to him travelling throughout Scotland to deliver OST training, to ensure his colleagues are safe.
More recently Ian has been instrumental in the roll out and delivery of Taser training both locally and nationally, delivering courses from Stornoway to Dumfries. Ian keeps himself physically fit and actively encourages divisional officers to participate in fitness, assisting in both their own physical and mental wellbeing and overall ability to fulfil their roles as officers.
Ian has a passion for raising money for charity by participating in extreme challenges. The main charities being to benefit are Cash for Kids and Care of Police Survivors. He was one of the main organisers in the Run Doonhame challenges, which saw a group of officers cycle and run from top to bottom and east to west across the UK in 2014, 2016 and 2017, where in total over £45,000 was raised.
Ian has continued his organising of events with becoming involved in the Police Unity Tour. This event takes an enormous amount of effort on his part to secure funding from various sources as well as the logistics of the events.
Ian has consistently strived to offer a high level of service to the public, his colleagues and the organisation. He is passionate about everything he does which is obvious in the way he delivers his training. He is a very valued member of the team in Dumfries and Galloway Division and is held in the highest regard by all those who know him.

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