Further Blow For 3400 Patients as Dumfries Dentist Plans NHS De-registrations

NHS Dumfries and Galloway has now received details on changes at a dental practice which will mean more people in the region being de-registered as NHS dental patients.


Blue Door Dental Practice in Dumfries have written to patients, informing them of their plans.


Following the retirement of a dentist, Blue Door have contacted the adult patients aged 18 years of this specific dentist and to advise that their NHS dental registration will end in early May. These patients will be offered to move into a private monthly plan.  


All children under 18 years will remain registered as patients at Blue Door and continue to be offered NHS dental care.


As a consequence of these developments, approximately 3400 adult patients registered for NHS services at Blue Door will be de-registered as of May 24 2024.

Those patients losing their NHS registration at Blue Door will now need to seek alternative provision.  


At present, there are no dentists within the region accepting new NHS registrations, meaning that the alternatives are to secure registration outwith the region or access dental care privately. 


Anyone who is not registered with a dentist and requires emergency dental care can access that by contacting the Dental Helpline on 01387 245532


Valerie White – Director of Public Health said “The situation regarding access to NHS dental services in Dumfries and Galloway is significant concern and one the Board is taking very seriously we continue work to encourage and support dentists to provide NHS general dental services and are working closely with Scottish Government colleagues on these matters. 
“However, lack of dentists coming to work in the region is a key issue, and challenges in dental workforce are being seen across the UK.”