Dumfries & Galloway Council Shoreline Management Plan Updated

The Dumfries and Galloway Shoreline Management Plan is being updated and will establish a robust, evidence-based and sustainable approach for managing the risk of coastal flooding and erosion along our coastline.

A series of engagement events are planned throughout the study period to provide information on the Preferred Management Policies for each section of the coast. At present these events will be undertaken virtually. The draft Policy Options documents are available in the Virtual Consultation Room which can be accessed at https://consultationspace.com/Dumfries_and_Galloway_SMP/

The Project Team would like to hear your views and suggestions which would assist in producing a more inclusive and informed final plan. The documents are available to review until 21st April 2021.

Communities Committee Chairman, Councillor Andy Ferguson said:

“The updated Dumfries and Galloway Shoreline Management Plan will outline the process of coastal erosion and flooding and provide guidance on future planning and policies for managing the 340km of coastline in our region. With climate change expected to increase sea levels in the coming decades it is essential we have a better understanding of the impact this will have on existing and future infrastructure and development.”

Vice Chairman, Councillor John Martin added:

“A key element of the work being undertaken is a series of engagement events with partners, key stakeholders and the local communities. To ensure we produce a robust and evidence based plan which will set out policies for the short, medium and longer terms and guide future decisions on land and asset management of the coastline we would encourage public participation in these events.”

Additional information is available on the project at https://www.dumgal.gov.uk/SMP and if you would like to engage with team please contact us:

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