POLICE are issuing another warning  about phone scams after a Dumfries pensioner has been conned out of £38,000 by phone scammers.

The Police stated “If you don’t think scams occur locally then please think again. We are investigating a scam last week in which an 82 year old man from the Dumfries area was conned out of over £38,000. Yes – thirty eight thousand pounds.

The telephone caller informed the elderly man that there had been attempts to remove large sums of money from his bank account, and that he should remove it to avoid losing the money. He was further contacted, by the caller who said he was a local police officer and arrangements were made to hand the cash over to a courier.

A police spokesperson said “The caller gained the trust of the victim over the week and in total over £38,000 has been taken. Please, please, please, if you get any calls making enquiries about you account, or telling you that you have to take action on your account – STOP AND THINK – take names, contact numbers, and any other details you can get, but DO NOTHING until you have put the phone down and talked it through with a friend or relative, or if still in doubt, please call us on the 101 number and we will be able to offer advice, and if required have an officer call on you.
Please also pass this warning on to those who are not on social media – as often they are the targets for this type of crime. Look after each other and make it hard for these heartless thieves.”

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