Dumfries Rail Station Footbridge Plans Officially Approved

In a recent development, the Dumfries and Galloway Planning Committee has granted approval for the plans of a new footbridge with step-free access at Dumfries Rail Station.

This significant decision paves the way for construction work to commence later this year, marking a crucial milestone in enhancing accessibility for local residents.

The project, supported by Access for All funding, has been a focal point for Network Rail Scotland’s commitment to improving convenience and inclusivity for station users.

The initial unveiling of the project took place during a special event organised by Network Rail Scotland for local residents, held at the Cairndale Hotel and Leisure Club on Thursday, June 15. This event provided Dumfries residents with the opportunity to review and discuss the finalised plans for the new accessible bridge, with active engagement from the project team.

The approved footbridge design will incorporate lifts, facilitating smooth and convenient platform transfers for individuals with mobility challenges, including local residents. The addition of step-free access promises to significantly elevate the overall travel experience, making Dumfries Rail Station more inclusive and accessible for the community.

With the planning committee’s approval secured, the focus now shifts to the forthcoming construction phase. During this period, efforts will be made to ensure that the new bridge seamlessly integrates with the station’s architectural and historical significance.

This approval aligns with Network Rail Scotland’s and the Access for All funding’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and accommodating railway environment in Dumfries. The start of construction later this year brings the project one step closer to realising these goals and enhancing the railway experience for all residents of Dumfries.

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