Dumfries To Be Thanked For Support Of Historic Rood Fair

Dumfries to be honoured as part of World Funfair Month: town set to receive certificate for its longstanding support for the historic Rood Fair on Thurs 28 Sept 4:15pm

September is World Funfair Month, and Dumfries is set to be honoured for its longstanding support of the historic Rood Fair. The town is to be presented with a certificate that “acknowledges the close associations that Dumfries has to the fairground industry and Showpeople”, and to “recognise the work that the local authority does to make sure this fairground tradition continues for future generations”. The certificate will be presented by Chair of the Scottish Section of the Showman’s Guild, Alex James Colquhoun. The ceremony will take place at the East end of the Suspension Bridge on Thursday 28th September at 4:30pm, before the start of what has become an annual heritage walk, the ‘Fairground Walkabout’.


Showpeople whose families have been operating in Dumfries for generations will gather to mark the occasion, including the former National President of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain Philip Paris, Dumfries Fair Organiser Raynor Codona, members of the Fair Scotland Charity, alongside local artist Dr t s Beall. This event celebrates the close of #WorldFunfairMonth #WFFM in September, a UK-wide campaign highlighting the importance of funfairs and the fairground industry.


Alex James Colquhoun says, “The fairs are an important part of Dumfries’ histories, and many local people have fond memories of riding the waltzers or winning prizes. Showpeople across Scotland consider themselves to be ‘coming home’ when they set up for the Rood Fair – we want to thank the town for their support, which has been consistent for hundreds of years!”


Members of the public are invited to come to the PhotoCall at 4:15pm, and to sign up for the free fairground heritage walk by accessing this eventbrite link: Bit.ly/FairgroundWalk. The walk is part of The Stove Network’s Wild Goose Festival 2023 and supported by The People’s Project. The event is hosted by Fair Scotland, a charity which promotes the heritage of Scotland’s fairgrounds, and advocates for the future of the Showpeople who operate them.